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Concepts of Hosting

Hosting and logo work, are some specialties of mine.  One of the reasons why I write about these topics often, is because they are of great interest to me.  Moreover, I am currently in grad school, and this has expanded my experience in hosting and logo implementations too.  However, because I have discussed both topics several times in the past, I would also like to offer a different perspective. In fact, I would like to discuss the concepts of how hosting and logos, can apply to a business or company.  One of the ways that that both types of work can be efficient to the workplace, is through group projects. 

            While I have had various hosting and logo experiences in high school and college, the business perspective that I am describing, are of a more professional level.  Within a business, hosting and logos can be built upon, to increase a reputation among coworkers.  First, let’s take a look at hosting.  There are many ways to host within a business effectively, especially if the workplace involves advertising for events and venues.  For example; if an individual is working at a business venue, hosting events would aid in bringing people closer together and making the workplace more known.  Moreover, this does not just refer to coworkers; however, it also relates to those everyday citizens, becoming more familiarized with those in charge of planning and hosting events as well. Furthermore, hosting events can open up doors, to building and hosting websites. One of the ways that this can be done, is through creating websites based off the venue, while implementing free discounts on occasion (otherwise people will take advantage in a negative way), as well as discount codes.  While not a venue, Host Gator is a strong example, of how to get started in website hosting, as well as ultimately building. If you are interested in website hosting and wanted to get started, please check out the site above. Click on the “Get Started” button, and you will see that Host Gator is offering 60% offer, for various hosting plans. This can aid an individual, in getting started in business and hosting aspects. I am currently doing affiliate marketing and interesting in assessing how Host Gator sales can increase, through discounts.


The Philosophy of Family Education Partnerships

Throughout my experience reading various books, one genre that has stood out to me the most, is philosophy. Philosophy is defined as the study of expensive knowledge in the academic field. This includes but is not limited to reality and natural existence. Moreover, one of the factors that I have found philosophy books to often focus on, is family, or to be more specific, family life. The themes that I have discovered within these philosophy novels, have also touched upon those who are known as family life educators. At-home education is also intertwined in these themes as well.

Now, there are some people who say that children should never be educated at home by their parents. However, this is something that I heavily disagree on. A focus on the family via home, is what should come first. And these are themes that I feel philosophy books tend to cover and support too. Furthermore, if a parent has applicable reasons for wanting to educate their child at home, then this should not be an issue. The most essential reason why I believe children should be educated at home, is so that they can learn about materials which history books (and the educational system as a whole) are removing.

           As the years of education have progressed in the education field, there has been a noticeable spike, in the decline of factual evidence supporting history books.  This is indeed infuriating, as generation who does not know about their history or learn from it, will be doomed to repeat it. This is one of the reasons, as to why I feel parents should educate their children at home.  Textbooks in schools take out many details, that focus on the horrors and atrocities that have been committed in the past.

One example of this that I learned about, was during my college history course., I even had a college professor say that slave ships were not nearly as bad as people make them out to be.  However, this is a lie, which I further discovered after doing more research, into the horrors of slave ships. These are the reasons why I stick with the notion, that home-schooling through partnerships is one of the best methods to an education.  

How one can advance their blogging work

I have been developing blogging for quite some time. While I have written some engaging posts, there has lately been a specific question the back of my mind. How can one take their blogging career to the next level? This is a question that takes more than a simple answer, as there are so many ways to implement blog building. As an individual who desires to not stick to the norm of blogging, the topic of expanding one’s career, hits close to home.

One of the ways that an individual could expand their blogging career, is through developing their wording and vocabulary skills. This seems very simple on the surface, but there is more to it than meets the eye. Vocabulary is a powerful too to draw in audiences with. For this reason, expanding one’s vocabulary through blogging posts, could leave an efficient impression. Followers and views of continual blog posts, will recognize that the blogger is very professional and articulate, in the message that they are trying to get across. As someone who had limited vocabulary in the past, this is a factor that I had to work on. Doing so, improved my views and aided in me being seen as more professional. Now, a more efficient way to expand one’s blogging career, is through inviting friends and family to check out your blog.

One of the factors that is needed for a successful blogging career, is analyzing how to build your audience effectively. One of the ways to start, is through friends and family. These are people who should be the most honest with one about their content. In other words, their criticism should not come as pedantic, but direct. Currently I have a family member developing their blog and making a good amount of money per month. He has shared his blog secrets with him, and he is proud of my writing skills too. However, he did not sugarcoat the fact that building a successful blog and gaining a strong amount of followers, will take a few months. I appreciate his honestly, and I hope to reach his level of success one day. Through his engagements and continual grind of building engaged audiences and offering coupon discounts via services, my brother has certainly taken his blogging career to the next level. If you want to learn more about how to blog successful, one of the books here, is on its way to helping me out.

Businesses and Growth

Business has been a very essential part of my growth, in relation to careers. During my time at college, my Major was Communications. However, I minored in Business as well, and this aided in expanding my desire to get more into the core aspect of business itself. One of the ways that learning about business can help individuals grow, is that it can teach people to see the world from a different perspective. For example; being taught the business aspects of life every day, can aid individuals of the dos and do not’s of the companies that they work for.

A prominent example of this, is assessing the positive outcomes and risks of making business decisions. As someone who has worked in business before, through my Communications majors, this an essential to a hold of in any business setting, as making the wrong decisions can have permanent consequences. In fact, having knowledge of assets such as this, can be an efficient way to get the attention of individuals.

The reason, is because it aids in providing credibility, for the business knowledge that one has gained over a period of time. In fact, this is another way that learning about business can aid one in growing. If you are interested in captivating a business audience, please checkout the highlighted links if you are interested, to see if the books on business innovation interest you. There are many great books on business innovation and captivating an audience, and the ones above are a good start, for anyone who may be inexperienced in the field.

Business and Strategic Management

Within a business, strategic management processes, are always essential to implement correctly.  The reason, is because they can aid in helping a business to grow.  Moreover, strategies can also enhance customer service quality and efficiency as well.  Now, while there are many businesses and companies that are known for implementing these strategies correctly, one of them, is known as Enterprise Rent a Car.  As the name of the company says, this is a type of business, in which individuals can rent cars if they cannot afford to buy them.  However, this is also a company, which ensures that they implement effective marketing strategies, to get the results that may be desired.

            Now, the elements of Enterprise’s strategic management process, involve relating to the customer.  For example; based on what an individual can afford in the rent a car process, the managers ensure that no matter which car is bought, it is of the same high quality that the company holds to their own standard.  Moreover, they also do an efficient job of listening to feedback from their customers as well.  Furthermore, this is also how Enterprise uses its human resources to gain a competitive advantage too. Within a business, there will always be competition.  This is something that Enterprise is aware of. As “Recruitment and Selection at Rent a Car” states, “The car rental market is increasingly competitive. Enterprise continues to expand its range of services to meet customers’ needs” (p.1).  However, car companies can often be shady.  Knowing this, Enterprise stands out among the crows, by demonstrating why they are an efficient company to buy from and trust.  Now; there are also other elements implemented into this strategy as well. An example of this includes cultural diversity.

            Enterprise not only has employers that encourage customer diversity, but this is also implemented within the employee section of the business as well.  However, to further go into detail, this is less about the color of an individual’s skin, and more like what someone may be efficient in.  For example; certain employees of Enterprise may be more skillful and knowledgeable in a certain part of the car industry.  Thus, employers will use this to their advantage.  Moreover, this also plays an essential role in the recruitment process, as those with car knowledge and applicable skills are selected to best fit within the company values and assets.  As someone who has a strong belief of core values within businesses, these concepts are some of the reasons as to why I would want to work for enterprise.  At the same time, though, customer satisfaction should always be the main goal at the end of the day.  If you are interested in looking for books about building upon business concepts and factors, please check out the highlighted links here and here.        


“Recruitment and selection at Enterprise Rent a Car”.  Business Case Studies. Retrieved from

My own experiences in business and advertising

In my previous article, what business concepts can teach people, was a factor of discussion. However, I would like to share my own experiences in business, to see if people will be able to relate to them and what I have learned. There are many factors that I learned, mostly during my college years about how to do business effectively. The greatest examples of this, were during my team projects. During my Junior year of college, I collaborated with a group in my class, to advertise and market for a restaurant called Aripos.

This project fell into the realm of business advertising. To advertise for the restaurant, my team and I put up flyers around the campus, sent emails to staff and faculty about the restaurant, and we even told individuals about Aripos, via word of mouth. Fortunately, this was a success, and the restaurant ended up getting more attention. This was a group project, that taught me how to more effectively advertise in relation to business. However, business has also taught me to advertise on my own. In other words, the focus was on taking one’s own ideas and turning them into action.

During my final year of college, a Senior Project was required to complete my semester. I thought about the previous business and advertising lessons that I had learned from my Junior year and applied them to my work. This is how one applies what they’ve already learned: building upon new strategies for more efficient success. If you are interested in checking out a book about business building, you can look here.

As for my event, it revolved around hosting a campus event and gathering an audience through advertising. Some of the aspects of the project, involved interviewing radio stations to see how they advertise, putting event flyers around the campus, and telling campus individuals about the event. Fortunately, the project ended up being a success, and my hosting of the campus event (which involved a Fear Factor eating competition) was a success. One of the aspects that I learned during my time working on this project, is that not everyone will care about your line of work. I had people who say that they were not interested in the event, and this is something I accepted. When combining what I learned during my Junior year and my Senior year in relation to business and advertising, this has made me much more knowledgeable for future business opportunities. If you are interested in looking for a low-price yet helpful book on advertising/business plans and strategies, please check out the highlighted link.

Business and Consumer Consumption

Business is always a very important aspect within the world.  What I mean by this, is that business is what keeps the economy going.  Without any businesses, or a lack of them, there would be much more difficult times for the economy than what we are currently facing.  Now, with business also comes consumer consumption as well.  Consumer consumption helps keep the drive for businesses going, because they not only increase money, but they also help employers to come up with new products that will entice audiences as well.  This is also known as the theory of consumerism, which improves the buyer rights for the sake of sellers. 

The reason this is seen as a theory, is because there is not always solid proof the customers will always be attracted to a business, just because the products appeal to them.  For example; if another store has similar products that are cheaper, people might be more willing to do there instead.  Now, in relation to the case at hand, the problem is that the cola brand is facing heavy competition.  Thus, those in charge of selling them and getting the attention of people, are having a difficult time finding ways to do so.  Furthermore, in relation to the case, this is also where the theory of environmentalism comes in as well. 

What this does, is that it helps in the protection of the environment, in relation to cola, people are afraid that those who drink it will liter and not recycle the cans like they should.  Lastly, the other theory to focus on is that of a societal market. If you want to check out a book on societal marketing, you can look here.  What this theory says, is that there needs to be a proper balance in way that businesses see consumers wants and needs.  Thus, this how a successful market can take place.  Now, an advantage for Cola, is that they have a strong marketing campaign, spreading to sites such as YouTube and Spotify.  However, a disadvantage of that, is that because they mostly rely on these things, consumers will eventually want something newer and more innovative, in relation to advertising. If you want to check out a book on some disadvantages of advertising, please check out the highlighted link.  Another disadvantage of this would also be high costs as well.  However, an alternative option would be to advertise different cola brands in different marketing realms.  For example; one type of cola brand could be advertised on YouTube, another on Spotify, etc.  Doing this would create more variety and appeal in how the cola is advertised. This is what should be assessed, when it comes to advertising. If you want to check out an in depth book on advertising, please check out the highlighted link.    

Website Hosting

In my previous two pieces of writing, I talked about the importance of business aspects, and how people can grow from them. An important aspects of business that serves growth effectively, is website hosting. This is defined as an individual offering goods and services through a domain. This can include various files, transfers, and downloads, etc. In fact, my current career at WordPress, is an example of hosting a site, as it is used to write blogs and run my own section of the site itself. However, I hope to host website in full one day. Now; one of the ways that website hosting can be beneficial for businesses, is that it can make team projects go more smoothly, especially if one already has experience in the field.

For example; let’s say that a business project has a requirement of building a professional website. This would be a great opportunity for every team member to asses in great detail, how to build an efficient website. As mentioned previously, file transfers and downloads offers are ways for individuals to become familiarized with working their own websites. Moreover, this fits into the learning too, that not every idea which comes to mind, will be the best for building a website to host. This is why ideas should be honed, in relation to the themes that one wants to represent on the site that the choose to build/host. Now; a website that I have been looking into, in relation to hosting experience with, is HostGator. Moreover, what also caught my attention, was the cheap price of requirement for hosting. If you are interested in getting started hosting websites for only $2.75 a month, please check out the highlighted link.

Business Aspects and Freshbooks Part 2

Business is something that is very important in the world, as it often inspires people.  Moreover, when it comes to business, it also drives people into specific aspirations as well.  One of the examples of this, is through the careers that individuals develop, throughout their education years, which then ties into business importance.  Moreover, one of the most essential aspects of efficient company work, pertains to what is known as entrepreneurship. 

This is a part of business, in which individuals sell items for appeal and interest to the customers, clients, etc. Now; when it comes to business owners, what this teaches them about how companies work, is the importance of how to appeal to consumers, through business assets, design, etc. Moreover, to make these aspects successful, business owners should also ensure, that team building and design, go hand in hand as well.

In other words, if one is focusing on building a business and a strong set of clients, if the owner is working with a team, it is essential that every member understand their tasks, as well as how they can be incorporated, into the themes of the business of company.  Now; when it comes to work, some individuals need to learn how to be more independent. 

At the same time, though, team building aspects are essential, because they aid people in creating quality business assets, through a collective effort. One of the best ways, to assess aspects of team effort and individuality in business, is through Freshbooks. As mentioned previously, this is a company that focuses, on one building their own business, through tracking, client implementation, etc.

However, both teamwork and the aspects of individuality are focused on, through learning about the core values of business tracking, how one can assess and track their plans, etc. This is demonstrated the strongest, through Freshbook’s business plan options, such as the lite plan, plus plan, and premium plan. These plans are not only at a small price, but they can also teach people the core values of business, through both a team and individual level, in relation to what it means, to have an efficient and strong business. Moreover, plan comparison charts, can help people to make strong and efficient decisions as well (they are located below the plans). Freshbook, will help one to get started on their business, on an efficient level.

Business Quality Control and Freshbooks

Within businesses and companies, make-or-buy decisions need to be implemented properly.  What this is defined as, is when specific decisions are made on whether companies should outsource products to another.  The way that this is implemented, is choosing to buy goods and services from an external supplier.  Now, there are pros and cons to these decisions, and they can affect the future of a company. Two pros are saving money, as well as quality control. However, there are cons as well, two of them being a risk of too much dependence on the supplier, as well as loss of money control.

            When businesses and companies choose to outsource, the external supplier, is the one that is handling the cost of goods and services. In some ways, this becomes less of a burden for the company that is choosing to outsource, since their money can be invested into other expenses simultaneously. However, this is where the first problem arises.  If a business relies too much on outsourcing, they could lose their own identity. In other words, what the business is known for by their customers, could be shaped into an image that is not applicable with the quality that they are used to producing, as well as what customers are unfamiliar with  Therefore, there needs to be an equilibrium of quality control.

            Quality control is also a benefit of outsourcing, as businesses and companies (when finding the proper balance) can use products that they want outsourced, to increase the reputation of their image. One of the strongest examples of a company, that has a strong focus on business quality control, is Freshbooks. As someone who has a strong interest in business, one of the reasons why Freshbooks stands out to me, is not just because of the quality control.

However, it is also because of the business variations, that should aid individuals as well. Freshbook focuses, on the building of small and medium sized business, through tax help, consulting, freelancing, interacting with clients and vendors, etc. Moreover, Freshbooks is also offering current discount business plans (in relation to the assets mentioned above), for one to start their own business.

This is best implemented, through Freshbook’s options, such as the lite plan, plus plan, and premium plan. They are at a discount, with the lite plan being the lowest plan of $4.50, to the premium plan being only $15.00. These plans will help people to build their experience, such as through, interactions with a specific number of clients on work ethic, tracking business statistics, etc. Furthermore, for a cheap price, one can buy plan comparison charts as well (which are right below that business plans on the linked page). These will aid people in better assessing in depth, the kind of plan that would best suit their needs. If you are interested in starting your own business, at a cheap price, please have a look.